Campylobacter lari

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Campylobacter laridis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Class: Epsilon Proteobacteria
Order: Campylobacterales
Family: Campylobacteraceae
Genus: Campylobacter
Species: C. laridis
Binomial name
Campylobacter laridis
Benjamin et al., 1984

C. lari subsp. concheus
Debruyne et al. 2009
C. lari subsp. lari
(Benjamin et al. 1984)
Debruyne et al. 2009

Campylobacter lari (formerly Campylobacter laridis[1]) is a species of nalidixic acid-resistant, thermophilic, microaerophilic bacteria first isolated from human faeces.[2][3] It shows anaerobic growth in the presence of trimethylamine N-oxide hydrochloride. Its type strain is NCTC 11352. It is commonly found in sea gulls. In humans, it has been involved in cases of enteritis,[4] severe abdominal pain and terminal bacteremia.[5][6]

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