Blessed Cardinal Newman Catholic High School

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Blessed Cardinal Newman Catholic High School
BCNCHS Logo.svg
Cardinal Newman Catholic High School.JPG
Growing In Faith and Truth
100 Brimley Road South
Cliffside, Toronto, Ontario, M1M 3X4
Coordinates 43°42′50″N 79°14′28″W / 43.713799°N 79.240994°W / 43.713799; -79.240994Coordinates: 43°42′50″N 79°14′28″W / 43.713799°N 79.240994°W / 43.713799; -79.240994
School type Catholic High school
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
Founded 1973
School board Toronto Catholic District School Board
Superintendent Geoff Grant
Area 8
Area trustee Nancy Crawford
Ward 12
School number 519 / 694193
Administrator Yvonne Masik
Principal Joan Tschernow
Vice Principals Susan Laidlaw
Peter Petrasek
CSPC Chair Samantha Baszun (2015-16)
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1255 (2014-15)
Language English
Colour(s) Red, Gold, Navy and Black                 
Team name Newman Knights
Parish St Theresa Shrine
Specialist High Skills Major Information and Communication Technology
(awaiting approval from the board)
Program Focus Advanced Placement
Extended French

Blessed Cardinal Newman Catholic High School (also known as BCNCHS, Blessed Cardinal Newman CHS, BCNHS, Blessed CNHS, Blessed Cardinal Newman, or simply as Newman); formerly known under its original name Cardinal Newman Catholic High School is a Roman Catholic high school administered by the Toronto Catholic District School Board.[1] The school was founded in 1973 when the St. Augustine's Seminary decided to make use of extra classroom space as a result of its own declining student enrollment. The school was named after John Henry Newman, a 19th-century English convert to Catholicism and prolific author who is currently in the process of beatification. Located on a magnificent 18 hectare campus, Cardinal Newman Catholic School overlooks a broad vista that contains both the Scarborough Bluffs and Lake Ontario. The motto for Cardinal Newman is Growing in Faith and Truth.


The facility was built in 1964 as the college for St. Augustine's Seminary due to St. Michael's College lacking a downtown campus for St. Augustine's. The college later closed and re-opened as Cardinal Newman on September 4, 1973 as Scarborough's first co-educational high school by the Metropolitan Separate School Board (which later became the Toronto Catholic District School Board) entirely staffed by lay Catholic teachers under the leadership of principal Lorne Howcroft. The eastern residential wing of the college was demolished and rebuilt in 1976 with a double gym, library, main office and classrooms. Portables were added over the years.

From the beginning, Cardinal Newman was staffed by Catholic lay teachers who were teaching exclusively. Cardinal Newman is one of only two high schools in the Metropolitan Separate School Board (now today as the Toronto Catholic District School Board) to focus intently on an integration program for students with special needs. In addition, Cardinal Newman was in the forefront of programs like peer counseling, mediation, electronic keyboarding, and communications technology.

Cardinal Newman was at one time the only non-uniformed Roman Catholic High School in Metro Toronto. This was changed beginning in the late 1980s and early 1990s so as to conform with other local Catholic High Schools.

The school name was changed to Blessed Cardinal Newman in February 2011. Newman celebrated its 40th anniversary on May 10, 2013.

The original address for Newman was 2675 Kingston Road, the address was changed to 100 Brimley Road South in 2003 because the school signage and entrance had moved to the eastern side of the property as well as the driveway. The school's access continued to use the path via the adjacent St. Theresa Shine Catholic School.

Replacement school[edit]

Cardinal Newman is one of the oldest buildings within the Toronto Catholic District School Board that needs massive repairs. The structures built in 1964 and 1976 was originally built to house 666 pupils in capacity and requires some 70% of the building's components to be replaced.[2] Initially, 14 portables with a portapak were scattered across the school to ease perpetual overcrowding with the population doubled its size. In 2008, the portables were realigned to create an extra parking space. Twelve replacement surplus portables came from the Regina Pacis compound and the remaining eight from James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School, which constructed an addition at the time.[3]

On November 9, 2015, the Toronto Catholic District School Board announced a $30 million capital funding from the province to replace Newman's outdated facilities. with a new 1,110-pupil state-of-the-art building.[2][4][5] The announcement was made by Liz Sandals that very same day as part of the $498 million investment of educational infrastructures in the province.[6] Coinciding with the move, the Board is looking to purchase a land owned by the Scarboro Foreign Missions Society, which they are relocating after 97 years.[7][4]

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