Career Suicide

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Career Suicide
Career suicide live.jpg
live at 6th Street in Austin, Texas
Background information
Also known asPunitive Damage's
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
GenresHardcore punk
Years active2001–present
LabelsSewercide, Deranged, Feral Ward, Even Worse, Ugly Pop
Associated actsFucked Up
MembersJonah Falco
Jon Sharron
Dallas Good
Martin Farkas
Past membersEric Smith
Noah Gadke
Jesse Parker
Bennett Jones-Phillips
Chis Colohan
Mike Haliechuk
Mark Hurst
Polish Neal
Mark Rodenheizer
Brandon Ferrell
Matthew Miller
Dave Brown

Career Suicide is a Canadian hardcore punk band formed in 2001 in Toronto.[1] The band's first live performance took place in January 2002, with first recorded output soon to follow. The band has gone on to record several full-length albums and singles on various international labels. The band has completed multiple tours of North America, Europe and Japan and continues to record and tour actively. Guitarist Jonah Falco and former bassist Mike Haliechuk also play drums and guitar, respectively, in the band Fucked Up.[2][3] Career Suicide are known for having an old school 1980s hardcore sound.[4]


Albums, EPs/Singles and Tapes[edit]

  • 1st demo tape (2002, self-released)
  • 2nd demo tape (2002, self-released)
  • Career Suicide 7" EP (2002, Kangaroo Records)
  • Career Suicide LP (2002, Ugly Pop Records)
  • SARS 7" EP (2003, Deranged Records)
  • Invisible Eyes 12" EP (2005, Feral Ward Records)
  • Signals 7" EP (2004, Slasher Records)
  • Signals 7" EP (European picture disk) (2004, Even Worse Records)
  • Split LP w/ Jed Whitey (2004, Deranged Records)
  • Attempted Suicide LP & CD (2006/2007, Deranged Records)
  • Cherry Beach 7" EP (UK tour edition) (2008, Sewercide Records)
  • Cherry Beach 7" EP (2010, Dirtnap Records)
  • Machine Response 12" LP (2017, Static Shock Records)


  • Anthology of Releases, 2001–2003 CD (2004, Kangaroo Records / Deranged Records)
  • Anthology of Releases Vol. 2, 2003–2005 CD (2006, Deranged Records)

Current members[edit]

  • Jonah Falco – guitar
  • Dallas Good - guitar
  • Martin Farkas – vocals
  • Jon Sharron – bass
  • Ian Romano – drums

Past members[edit]

  • Eric Smith – drums
  • Noah Gadke – bass
  • Jesse Parker – drums
  • Bennett Jones-Phillips – bass
  • Chris Colohan – drums
  • Mike Haliechuk – bass
  • Mark Hurst – drums
  • Neal (of Poland) – bass
  • Mark Rodenheizer – bass
  • Brandon Ferrell – drums (on Attempted Suicide LP) and 2nd guitar (live)
  • David Brown - drums
  • Matthew Miller - bass


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