Carl-Georg Rasmussen

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Carl-Georg Rasmussen is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in physics; an ecologist specializing in noise pollution; and a small airplane pilot. He is the designer and manufacturer of the Leitra velomobile.[1] Velomobiles were produced in the 1930s, but commercial production ended after the second world war. Rasmussen's Leitra, or "light individual transportation", was motivated by the oil crisis;[2] it is the first commercial production velomobile using "modern" materials and designs.

Rasmussen was interested in daily transport and tours, which guided his design choices for the Leitra. He last owned a car in the 1980s. Rasmussen had an early Leitra confiscated in 1982 by Danish police as a dangerous vehicle; this led him get legal status of velomobiles in Denmark.[3] Rasmussen also organizes velomobile tours.

Rasmussen rode a Leitra in the 1987 Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP). Although the Mochet Velocar is French, Rasmussen is probably the first PBP velomobile rider.

Rasmussen often rides 10,000 kilometers per year.[4]