Carwoola Parish

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Carwoola Parish
New South Wales
LGA(s) Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council
County Murray
Lands administrative divisions around Carwoola Parish:
Amungula Molonglo Molonglo
Queanbeyan Carwoola Parish Molonglo
Googong Yarrow Yanununbeyan
Highlighted on the map:
  Part of the current parish boundary
  Area between the Molonglo River and the Goulburn-Queanbeyan railway transferred to the Commonwealth for the ACT in 1909

Carwoola Parish is a parish of Murray County, a cadastral unit for use on land titles. It is located to the south of the Australian Capital Territory and to the south-east of Queanbeyan. The original northern and eastern boundary was the Molonglo River; this is still the boundary for most of the parish, except in the north, where the relatively small area north of the Queanbeyan-Goulburn railway line (at 35°19′42″S 149°17′45″E / 35.32833°S 149.29583°E / -35.32833; 149.29583 ) was transferred to the ACT in 1909. The south-western boundary is the Queanbeyan River. Captain's Flat Road is the major road running through the parish.


Coordinates: 35°23′00″S 149°19′00″E / 35.38333°S 149.31667°E / -35.38333; 149.31667