Hermosillo Cathedral

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Hermosillo Cathedral
Catedral de la Asunción
Catedral de la Asunción en Hermosillo, Sonora. México. 02.JPG
Hermosillo Cathedral after renovation.
LocationHermosillo, Sonora
DenominationRoman Catholic
Founder(s)Bishop Herculano López de la Mora
DedicationThe Assumption of Mary
ConsecratedSeptember 24, 1908
Past bishop(s)Carlos Quintero Arce
Functional statusActive
Architectural typeCathedral
StyleBaroque, Gothic Revival and Neoclassical.
CompletedSeptember 24, 1908.
Height30 m (98 ft 5 in)
ArchdioceseRoman Catholic Archdiocese of Hermosillo
ArchbishopJosé Ulises Macías Salcedo
Vicar(s)Lauro Evaristo Alvarado
Priest in chargeManuel Lizarraga Ruiz

Hermosillo Cathedral or the Assumption Cathedral (locally called "La Catedral" or "La Catedral de la Asunción") stands 30 meters tall as the principal church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hermosillo and one of the most emblematic buildings of the Mexican city of Hermosillo.

Before the actual building was built, there was a smaller chapel, built in the 18th century. The current structure had to be built as the previous building was too small for the congregation. The building was supported by the then Bishop Herculano López de la Mora, and was consecrated in 1908 while still unfinished. The dome was completed in 1963.

Coordinates: 29°04′30″N 110°57′35″W / 29.0751°N 110.9597°W / 29.0751; -110.9597