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Taríacuri (~1300~1350)
Hiquingaje (~1350–?)
Hiripan (?–~1430)
Tangáxuan I (1430–1454)
Tzitzipandáquare (1454–1479)
Zuangua (1479–1520)
Tangáxuan II (1520–1530)

Colonial rulers
Corregidor de Michoacan

Don Pedro de Arellano (1530–1543)

Governors of Michoacan

Don Francisco Taríacuri (1543–1545)
Don Antonio Huitziméngari (1545)–1562

Cazonci (also caçonci, caçonçi, caçonzi, cazonzi, cazonçi) was the title of the ruler of the Tarascan state which existed in 14-16th centuries in the area of the modern state of Michoacán, Mexico.[1]

See Tarascan state: Foundation and expansion for a summary of cazonci succession.


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