Central Range, Trinidad and Tobago

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The Central Range shown in a shaded relief map of Trinidad.

The Central Range is a mountain range on the island of Trinidad. It extends diagonally across the island and is a low-lying range with swampy areas rising to rolling hills. The tallest hills are Mount Tamana (307 m[1]), Mount Harris and Brigand Hill, all located in the northeastern portion of the range.

The range is a folded anticlinal uplift consisting of Cretaceous and Eocene rocks, with Miocene formations along the southern and eastern flanks. The Naparima Plain and the Nariva Swamp form the southern shoulder of this uplift.

To the north of the range are the Northern Lowlands (East-West Corridor and Caroni Plain).

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Coordinates: 10°25′N 61°15′W / 10.417°N 61.250°W / 10.417; -61.250