Hard Hitter Tennis

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Hard Hitter Tennis
Centre Court Hard Hitter Tennis.jpg
North American cover art
Developer(s) Magical Company
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
  • JP: June 28, 2001
  • EU: March 8, 2002
  • NA: October 8, 2002
Genre(s) Sports (tennis)
Mode(s) Single-player

Hard Hitter Tennis, known in Japan as Magical Sports: Hard Hitter 2 (マジカルスポーツ Hard Hitter 2) and in Europe as Hard Hitter 2, is a tennis video game created by Japanese developer Magical Company Ltd, released in 2002. It's the sequel to Magical Sports: Hard Hitter (known in Europe as Centre Court: Hard Hitter), which never got a North American release.


  • Three different modes: Arcade mode, Exhibition & Training, Singles & Doubles.
  • Five different court surfaces: Hard, Clay, Carpet, Grass and Indoor.
  • Eight players: seven men & one woman, all fictional.
  • Create your own tennis player.


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