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Cepstral LLC
Industry Speech synthesis
Founded June 2000
Founder Kevin Lenzo, Alan W. Black
Headquarters Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Products Cepstral Text-To-Speech
Website http://www.cepstral.com

Cepstral is a provider of speech synthesis technology and services. It was founded in June 2000 by leading scientists from Carnegie Mellon University including the computer scientists Kevin Lenzo and Alan W. Black. It is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company provides rapid delivery of state-of-the-art speech synthesis applications on a broad range of platforms, from the smallest hand-held devices to the largest centralized servers.[1]

The company primarily produces synthetic voices to be used in telephony systems,[2] mobile applications, desktop applications, and with other TTS software such as open-source Festival. [3]

Cepstral's technology was in the South Park episode "Crème Fraiche" as the voice of a piece of voice-assisted exercise equipment.[4]

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