Chang'an Grand Theatre

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The entrance to the building
A display of a red "dragon robe"

The Chang'an Grand Theatre (长安大戏院), located on East Chang'an Avenue, is a theatre in Beijing that specializes in Peking Opera performances. Opened in 1996, the Chang'an Grand Theatre is a modern Peking Opera theatre which displays modern facilities such as advanced highlights, multi-functional stage and computer-controlled sound and light systems. In its interior, it features a Ming Dynasty design and traditional Peking Opera theatre decorations. It is one of Beijing's most popular Peking Opera theatres, and because of its modern design, it is regarded as one of the best Peking Opera theatres for acoustics.[1] Unlike many other opera theatres, it features English subtitles above the stage.[1] The theatre's second floor also contains a museum which exhibits Peking Opera costumes, make-up and artifacts.

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