Chapter 8 (band)

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Chapter 8
Origin Detroit, Michigan
Genres Detroit soul
Years active 1970s-1980s
Labels Ariola
Beverly Glen
Associated acts Anita Baker
Members Michael J. Powell
Derek Dirckson
Gerald Lyles
David Washington
Van Cephus
Courtlen Hale
Scott Guthre
Alan Nance
Valerie Pinkston
Past members Anita Baker

Chapter 8 was a Detroit soul group of the 1970s and '80s formed by Michael J. Powell and David Washington. Anita Baker was featured as lead vocalist on their first, self-titled album on Ariola entitled Chapter 8 in 1979, produced by Michael and Derek. Their second album, This Love's for Real was released on Beverley Glen Records in 1985, and their third album, Forever, followed on Capitol Records in 1988.


The group was started in Detroit, Michigan in the late 70's. Derek Dirckson became the band leader after James Mitchell asked Derek to play drums with Chapter 8, who were at the time the backup Band for the Detroit Emeralds. In 1979 Derek Dirckson and Michael Powell produced the first album expanding the groups roster to include Anita Baker, Gerald Lyles, David Washington, Van Cephus, Courtlen Hale, Scott Guthrie, and Alan Nance. In 1985 Valerie Pinkston replaced Anita as the lead vocalist and was featured on This Love's For Real.

As Chapter 8 was the launching pad for Anita Baker, so was it for Michael J. Powell who went on to produce Anita Baker's Rapture, Giving You The Best That I Got, and Compositions albums as well as producing Carylon Crawford, Regina Bell, Peabo Bryson, James Ingram and David Peaston. Many of the Chapter 8 group members can be found performing on these 80's recording masterpieces.

Derek Dirckson went on to discover, manage and produce, Fred Hammond, Commissioned, The Winans, John P. Kee, Mary, Mary, and the great gospel plays, "Momma Don't", "Wicked", "Come Out of The Rain" and many more. In 1999 Derek Dirckson opened the Blackstage Pass Recording Studio in Detroit, Michigan. Dirckson has recorded his first solo CD entitled "Dirckson". The CD features Evangelist Ella Worthington and Minister Noah I. Brown on lead vocals. David Washington who co founded the group with Michael Powell continued to record and tour with David Peaston and continued to work with Michael Powell on several of his projects including Anita Baker, and Regina Bell. David also has 2 new singles out, one a remake of chapter 8's ready for your love and turn the page.


Extended plays[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

  • This Love's For Real (1985)
  • Forever (1988)


This Love's for Real and Forever have enjoyed a cult following in parts of the U.K and spawned a reunion concert featuring Michale Powell, Gerald Lyles, Valerie Pinkston, Courtlen Hale and Vernon Fails in Blackpool England January 2010. It had been 20 years since the group had performed together. All of Chapter 8's offerings are notable for their well-produced recordings and particularly heartfelt, soulful vocals.