Charles Berny d'Ouvillé

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Portrait miniature de l'acteur François Elleviou, 1813 by Charles Berny

Claude Charles Antoine Berny d'Ouvillé or Charles Berny born in 1775 in Clermont and death in 1842.

French miniaturist, he made exhibitions of his paintings in the Salon de Paris from 1802 to 1833, one of this portraits the one of the famous actress Émilie Leverd. His Étude de jeune fille dans un drapé classique is in the Wallace Collection.

He married Eulalie Joséphine Biju-Duval d'Algreis in 1811, and they had a child, who was portrayed by Eugène Delacroix in 1828 (the portrait is in McIlhenney Collection in Philadelphia, U.S.).