Charlie Chaplin (film)

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Charlie Chaplin
Directed by Sakthi Chidambaram
Produced by M. Kajamaideen,
K. Ayisha
Written by Sakthi Chidambaram
Starring Prabhu Ganesan
Prabhu Deva
Gayathri Raghuraman
Music by Bharani
Cinematography J. Sivakumar
Edited by G. R. Anil Malnad
Roja Combines
Release date
15 February 2002
Country India
Language Tamil

Charlie Chaplin is a 2002 Tamil comedy film directed by Sakthi Chidambaram, starring Prabhu Ganesan and Prabhu Deva.[1] The film's commercial success led to remakes in Hindi (No Entry), Telugu (Pellam Oorelithe), Malayalam (Happy Husbands), Kannada (Kalla Malla Sulla),[2][3] Marathi (No Entry Pudhe Dhoka Aahey)[4] and Bengali (Kelor Kirti). Prabhu won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award Special Prize for his performance in the film.[5]

The plot of the movie is inspired by the 1975 movie Yarukku Maappillai Yaro. It is the first Indian movie to be officially remade in six Indian languages and is the second highest remade movie amongst Indian films after Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana.[6] A sequel titled Charlie Chaplin 2 is being filmed.[7]


Ramakrishnan (Prabhu) is a rich businessman in Ooty who owns an advertising company and is married to Mythili (Abirami) who is very possessive about her husband. Mythili always suspects her husband fearing that he would end up having an affair with some other girl and this brings frequent quarrels between the couple. But Ramakrishnan is a kind hearter gentleman and he takes care of his wife with great love.

Thirunavukkarasu (Prabhu Deva) is a poor photographer in the same town and initially Ramakrishnan minunderstands Thiru to be a rogue. Later understands his good nature and provides him a job in his own company. Thiru is very loyal to Ramakrishnan and Mythili and respects Ramakrishnan as his brother. Ramakrishnan is also very kind to Thiru. One day, Thiru meets a girl Susi (Gayathri Raghuram) and the both fall in love with each other. Susi is a social activist who voices for women empowerment.

Vishwa (Livingston) is a close friend of Ramakrishnan and is married to Amudha (Vindhya). But Vishwa is a play boy and has affairs with so many girls. One day, a small quarrel erupts between Ramakrishnan and Mythili following which Ramakrishnan worries thinking about his wife’s continuous suspecting behaviour. Vishwa plans to relax Ramakrishnan by engaging a call girl Thilothama (Monal).

Ramakrishnan although not interested in it, finally decides to spend some time with Thiliothama when Mythili is away to Tirupathi. Thilothama comes to Ramakrishnan’s guest house where Thiru lives. Suddenly, Mythili cancels her trip and returns home. On the way, she finds Ramakrishnan’s car in Thiru’s home and she also comes to Thiru’s home. Mythili gets shocked to see Thilothama and Ramakrishnan in Thiru’s home. Ramakrishnan suddenly manages the situation by lying that Thilothama is none other than Thiru’s lover. Mythili believes this while Thiru does not reveal the truth knowing this as it would separate Ramakrishnan from his Mythili.

Then it is cat and mouse game where Thiru tries to act as Thilothama’s love in front of Mythili, at the same time tries hard not to get caught by Susi as she is short tempered and hates some lying to her. Finally Mythili and Susi get to know about the lies told by Thiru and Ramakrishnan. Ramakrishnan and Thiru try hard to find Thilothama and make her tell all the truth that nothing happened between them. But to their surprise, Thilothama passes away and the two guys have no other proof now.

Susi decides to break up with Thiru while Mythili applies for divorce with Ramakrishnan. Finally in the court, Ramakrishnan expresses how much he loves Mythili and tells all the truth and requests her to believe him. Also Amudha and Vishwa convince Susi and Mythili whereby Amudha says that she very well knows about Vishwa’s affair with so many girls but she still lives with a hope of getting him back as a loyal husband some day. Mythili and Susi understand Ramakrishnan and Thiru’s good nature and they unite in the end.



Sakthi Chidambaram revealed that the story was based on a real life incident that had happened to his friend, but altered the happenings to present it in a comedy format. The film was initially called Uthama Purushan, but was later changed to Charlie Chaplin.[8] The initial choices for the two leading female roles had been Gayatri Jayaraman and Sanghavi, but the two were replaced due to date issues.[9]


There are the 7 songs in this film composed by Bharani and lyrics written by Kabilan, Snehan, Pa. Vijay and Sakthi Chidambaram.[10]


Year Film Language Cast Director Notes
2003 Pellam Oorelithe Telugu Srikanth, Venu S. V. Krishna Reddy
2005 No Entry Hindi Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Fardeen Khan Anees Bazmee
2010 Happy Husbands Malayalam Jayaram, Indrajith, Jayasuriya Saji Surendran
2011 Kalla Malla Sulla Kannada Ramesh Aravind, V Ravichandran Uday Prakash
2012 No Entry Pudhe Dhoka Aahey Marathi Bharat Jadhav, Sai Lokur, Sai Tamhankar Ankush chowdary
2016 Kelor Kirti Bengali Dev, Jisshu Sengupta, Ankush, Mimi, Nusrat, Koushani Raja Chanda


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