Charon's Landing

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Charon's Landing
Paperback Edition
Author Jack Du Brul
Country United States
Language English
Series Philip Mercer novels
Genre Adventure, Techno-thriller novel
Publisher Onyx
Publication date
Media type Print Paperback
Pages 496 pp (Paperback edition)
ISBN 978-0-451-41211-9
OCLC 62866665
Preceded by Vulcan's Forge
Followed by The Medusa Stone

Charon's Landing is an adventure novel by Jack Du Brul. This is the 2nd book featuring the author's primary protagonist, Philip Mercer.

Plot introduction[edit]

In a bold decision, the President of the United States has decided to free America from its dependence on foreign oil by using Alaska's oil deposits and developing alternative energy sources. It is a move that threatens the oil-rich Middle East-and some will not tolerate such a course of action.

Years ago, a secret Soviet strategy was created to strike a fatal blow to the US by destroying the Alaskan oil pipeline. Now those plans have been stolen by the brilliant and treacherous former KGB agent Ivan Kerikov, who joins forces with a powerful Arab oil minister to unleash Charon's Landing.

But they didn't count on Philip Mercer-the one man who possesses the determination and daring to stop them cold.[1]


  • Philip Mercer, geologist.
  • Aggie Johnston, environmentalist.


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