Chepelare (river)

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Coordinates: 41°53′58″N 24°44′38″E / 41.89944°N 24.74389°E / 41.89944; 24.74389

The Chepelare River at Asenovgrad

The Chepelare (Bulgarian: Чепеларска река, Chepelarska reka, also called Chaya, Чая and Asenitsa, Асеница) is a river in Bulgaria that takes its source from Rozhen Peak (around 1,500 m above sea level) in the Rhodopes. The river's length is about 87 km and two hydroelectric plants are constructed on it, with a total maximum power of 2,400 kW.

The Chepelare runs through the town of Chepelare, the Bachkovo Monastery, as well as the second largest city of Plovdiv Province, Asenovgrad, further downstream, before emptying into the Maritsa.