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Chimnechild of Burgundy

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Chimnechild of Burgundy
Queen of Austrasia
Tenure647 -
Diedaf. 676
SpouseSigebert III
Dagobert II

Chimnechild of Burgundy (also Himnechildis) (7th-century – fl. 662) was a Frankish queen consort by marriage to king Sigebert III the King of Austrasia. [1]

Initially, their marriage was childless, and the manager (or 'mayor') of their palace, Grimoald, convinced them to adopt his son, Childebert. Afterwards, Chimnechild and Sigebert III had two children: a daughter, Bilichild, and a son and heir, Dagobert II (though some scholars, such as Wood, question whether Dagobert was Chimnechild's biological child).[2][3]

In 656 CE, Sigebert III died, and the small child Dagobert II was placed on the throne, with Chimnechild and Grimoald apparently in power behind the scenes. A few years later, c. 660, Grimoald executed a coup to seize power and place his son, Childebert the Adopted, on the throne.[4] They had Dagobert II tonsured and forced to go on pilgrimage to Ireland, while Chimnechild and her daughter Bilichild fled.[5]

Following Childebert's death a mere year into his reign, she began manoeuvring. She opposed the succession of Theuderic III and of Dagobert II, and instead arranged a marriage between her daughter Bilichild and Childeric II, whose succession she supported.[6] Apparently as part of the agreement for Childeric to take the throne, she was appointed to act as regent; she remained regent until 675 CE.[7][8]


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