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China white may refer to:

  • China White (film), a 1989 Chinese film
  • China White (band), a Huntington Beach, California punk rock band
  • China White, a heavy metal band from Albany, New York.
  • The China White, a band formed by members of the Canadian metal act New Day Rising
  • A slang term for α-Methylfentanyl or "Fentanyl", a heroin analogue, or a refined type of heroin itself
  • Chinawhite (nightclub), a high profile night club in London
  • China White (comics), a villain in the Green Arrow: Year One miniseries by Andy Diggle and Jock
  • A song by the band Little Feat from their album Hoy-Hoy!
  • A song by Scorpions from their 1982 album Blackout
  • A song by Leehom Wang featured on the soundtrack of China Strike Force
  • A song by He Is Legend from their 2004 debut album I Am Hollywood; their albums Suck Out the Poison and It Hates You feature the songs "China White II" and "China White III", respectively
  • A song from the movie Hard Core Logo
  • A 1989 movie starring Russell Wong
  • A song by Dog Fashion Disco from their album Committed to a Bright Future
  • A white common peafowl mutation that has a small percentage of green peafowl hybrid in its genetics
  • "White China", a song by British New Wave band Ultravox
  • White China, a British New Wave band from Scotland, active 1981–1986