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Chini-Bagh was the Kashgar residence of George Macartney, Britain's consul-general and his wife, Lady Catherine Macartney, for 28 years. Over the years, Chini-Bagh saw an incredible procession of adventurers, explorers and other exciting characters, including Aurel Stein, Father Hendricks, Albert von Le Coq, Sven Hedin and two of Count Otani's Central Asian archaeologists/spies, Eizaburo Nomura and Zuicho Tachibana.

In 1908, while Macartney was on leave in England, Chini-Bagh was home to Captain A.R.B. Shuttleworth while he was in charge of the consulate.

Although the house still stands, its famed gardens were later destroyed to make room for the Chini Bagh hotel.


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Meaning of Chini-Bagh[edit]

The phrase "Chini-Bagh" means Chinese Garden in Uygur.