Ava Guarani language

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Native to Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina
Native speakers
16,000 (1995–2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 nhd
Glottolog chir1286[2]

Chiripá Guarani (Tsiripá, Txiripá), also known as Ava Guarani and Nhandéva (Ñandeva), is a Guaraní language spoken in Paraguay, Brazil, and also Argentina. It is closely related to Paraguayan Guaraní, a language which speakers are increasingly switching to. There are 4,900 speakers in Brazil and 7,000 in Paraguay.

Nhandéva is also known as Chiripá. The Spanish spelling, Ñandeva, is used in the Paraguayan Chaco to refer to the local variety of Eastern Bolivian, a subdialect of Avá.

Chiripá is one of a number of "Guaraní dialects" often classified as distinct languages. Of these, Paraguayan Guaraní is by far the largest variety and it is often referred to simply as Guaraní.


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