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A Chizu Express HOT7000 series train

The Chizu Express Company (智頭急行株式会社 Chizu kyūkō Kabushikigaisha?) is a Japanese third-sector semi-public railway that connects Hyōgo, Okayama and Tottori prefectures. The Chizu Line is not electrified, but is a high-grade railroad, and extends a total of 56.1 kilometres. The limited expresses Super Hakuto and Super Inaba operate on this line.


Construction of the line was approved under the Railway Construction Act in 1922, and commenced by JNR in 1966. Work was well advanced when a freeze on expenditure in 1980 resulted in construction being halted with 95% of the route acquired, 30% of the earthworks completed and 10% of the track laid.

The Tottori Prefectural Government facilitated the establishment of the Chizu Express Railway Co. in 1986, which resumed construction.

The line opened on December 3, 1994, and features 17 tunnels, including the 5592m Shitozaka, the 2499m Kunimi and the 2118m Hachiya.

From November 29, 1997, the JR limited express Super Inaba service commenced between Okayama and Tottori.

List of stations on the Chizu Line[edit]

Name Japanese Distance (km) Transfers Location
Kamigōri 上郡 0.0 Sanyō Main Line Hyōgo Kamigōri,
Akō District
Kokenawa 苔縄 4.8  
Konohara-Enshin 河野原円心 7.4  
Kuzaki 久崎 12.2   Sayō,
Sayō District
Sayo 佐用 17.2 Kishin Line
Hirafuku 平福 22.5  
Ishii 石井 27.1  
Miyamoto Musashi 宮本武蔵 30.6   Okayama Mimasaka
Ōhara 大原 33.2  
Nishi-Awakura 西粟倉 37.4   Nishiawakura,
Aida District
Awakura-Onsen あわくら温泉 40.6  
Yamasato 山郷 47.2   Tottori Chizu,
Yazu District
Koi-Yamagata 恋山形 50.0  
Chizu 智頭 56.1 Inbi Line

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