Choral Synagogue, Vilnius

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Choral Synagogue of Vilnius
Vilniaus sinagoga.jpg
Basic information
LocationVilnius' Old Town, Lithuania
StatusIn use
Architectural description
Architect(s)Dovydas Rosenhauzas
A Yiddish flag on the synagogue's fence

The Choral Synagogue of Vilnius (Lithuanian: Vilniaus choralinė sinagoga) is the only synagogue in Vilnius that is still in use. The other synagogues were destroyed partly during World War II, when Lithuania was occupied by Nazi Germany, and partly by the Soviet authorities after the war.

The Choral Synagogue of Vilnius was built in 1903.[1]

The synagogue is built in a Romanesque-Moorish style.[2]

It is the only active synagogue that survived both the Holocaust and Soviet rule in this city that once had over 100 synagogues.[1] International donations and a small community of Jews in Vilnius support the synagogue. The synagogue holds services and is open to visitors.[2]


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