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Chow may refer to:

  • Selected set of nutrients fed to animals subjected to laboratory testing
  • Chow Chow, a dog breed
  • A slang term for food in general (such as in the terms "chow down" or "chow hall")
  • Chow test, a statistical test for detecting differences between trends in time series
  • Chow (unit), an obsolete unit of mass in the pearl trade in Mumbai
  • Chow (website), a popular online food discussion site
  • Chow, an alternate name for the star Beta Serpentis
  • Mr. Chow, an upscale Chinese restaurant chain
  • Chow (surname), an English surname, as well as a Latin-alphabet spelling of various Chinese surnames
  • hand of chow, a novel surgical technique for laparoscopic port placement in gynaecological surgery; pioneered by a prominent Sydney gynaecologist

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