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Чулуунхороот сум
Country Mongolia
Province Dornod Province
Time zone UTC + 8 (UTC+8)

Chuluunkhoroot (Mongolian: Чулуунхороот, stone corral), also Ereentsav (Эрээнцав), is a sum (district) center in the Dornod Province, Mongolia.[1] It is located very close to the Russian-Mongolian border, and sees frequent visits from Solov'yovsk on the Russian side.


It was established in the 1950s as a state farm collective, drawing settlers from other areas in the region, with tractors and large equipment mainly purchased from Russia. Due to this relatively large-scale settling, the town is an ethnic mix of Halh (60-65%), Buryat (about 30% from villages like Dashbalbar, Gurvanzagal, and Tsagaan Ovoo), and others (approx. 4-5%)[citation needed]. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, much of the Russian population left, taking their equipment with them, resulting in a rapid decline of the town's economic foundation. Buildings that housed Russian border troops became ruins and a small coal plant there was dismantled. Unemployment is upwards of 60% for young men between 18–25 years old[citation needed], and alcoholism and domestic violence have increased[citation needed]. With recent international and provincial aid efforts, the town has begun to improve its conditions.


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Coordinates: 49°52′15″N 115°41′49″E / 49.87083°N 115.69694°E / 49.87083; 115.69694