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This article is about the mountain in Peru, Cusco Region, in the provinces Canchis and Quispicanchi . For other uses, see Wisk'achani. For the mountain in the Junín Region, Peru, see Chumpi (Junín).
Hatunrit'i, Ñañaluma, Wisk'achani, Yanaluma
LacSibinacocha Perou.jpg
Chumpi and the lake Siwinaqucha
Elevation 6,106 m (20,033 ft)
Chumpi is located in Peru
Location Peru
Range Andes, Willkanuta
Coordinates 13°43′32″S 71°04′53″W / 13.72556°S 71.08139°W / -13.72556; -71.08139Coordinates: 13°43′32″S 71°04′53″W / 13.72556°S 71.08139°W / -13.72556; -71.08139

Chumpi[1] (Quechua chumpi belt,[2] Hatunrit'i, Ñañaluma, Yanaluma[3] or Wisk'achani[4] (hispanicized spellings Chumpe, Jatunriti, Nañaloma, Ñanaloma, Yanaloma, Huiscachani) is a mountain in the Willkanuta mountain range in the Andes of Peru, about 6,106 m (17,388 ft) high. It is located in the Cusco Region, Canchis Province, Pitumarca District as well as in the Quispicanchi Province, Ocongate District. Chumpi lies north of the lake Siwinaqucha.

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