Monastery of the Holy Apostles

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Church of the Holy Apostles
Basic information
Location Israel Capernaum, Israel
Affiliation Greek Orthodox Church
Completed 1931
Dome(s) 7

The Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles,[1] in common use simply Church of the Apostles (Hebrew: כנסיית השליחים, Knessiath haShlichim; Greek language: Εκκλησία Αποστόλων) is the church at the centre of the Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Apostles at Capernaum, standing among the ruins of ancient Capernaum (Kfar Nachum) near the shore of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. It is also known as simply the Greek Orthodox church at Capernaum, to differentiate it from the Franciscan monastery standing in the southern part of Capernaum. It is sometimes named as the Church of the Seven Apostles, based on the seven disciples mentioned in John 21, but it is actually dedicated to all the twelve apostles of Jesus.[2]


The church marks the site of the ancient village of Capernaum, which is an important place in Christianity. The village is frequently mentioned in the Gospels and was Jesus' main base during his Galilean ministry. It is referred to as Jesus' own city and a place where he lived. It was in the synagogue of Capernaum where he first started to preach.[3]

Those who claim that the church is dedicated the seven apostles (or rather five apostles and two more disciples), base it on the Gospel of John, chapter 21.[4] If it is dedicated to all twelve apostles, this would also make sense due to the long stay of Jesus and his closest disciples in Capernaum. In any case, the church is situated in the more recent, north-eastern part of the ruined village, which was where the inhabitants relocated after the destruction of the old town from the time of Jesus, as a result of either the earthquake of 749 or of a man-made event of the 7th or 8th century.


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Coordinates: 32°52′55″N 35°34′38″E / 32.88184°N 35.577335°E / 32.88184; 35.577335