City Under Siege (film)

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City Under Siege
City Under Siege poster.jpg
Traditional 全城戒備
Simplified 全城戒备
Directed by Benny Chan
Produced by Alvin Lam
Written by
  • Benny Chan
  • Tsang Kan-cheung
Music by Anthony Chue
Cinematography Fletcher Poon
Tony Cheung
Chan Kwok Hung
Edited by Benny Chan
Chan Sing Yan
Universe Entertainment
Beijing Enlight Pictures Limited
Shanxi Film Studio
Shenzhen Film Studio
Guangzhou City Ying Ming Culture Communication
Distributed by Universe Films Distribution
Release dates
  • 12 August 2010 (2010-08-12)
Running time
110 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Budget $10 million USD[1]
Box office US$13,851,248[2]

City Under Siege (simplified Chinese: 全城戒备; traditional Chinese: 全城戒備) is a 2010 Hong Kong science fiction action film directed and co-written by Benny Chan. The film follows a group of circus performers who goes on a rampage after an accidental exposure to chemical gas left by the Japanese army in World War II, granting them superhuman abilities.[3][4]


Sunny is the orphaned child of a former knife throwing master. After his father's death, he is taken in by his uncle, who allows him to perform as a clown, since he did not inherit his father's knife throwing skills. Sunny still wants to be a knife thrower, though. He is tormented by his cousins, who are all performers in his uncle's troupe.

One day, Sunny overhears a plan the rest of the troupe a making to explore a cave, rumored to be filled with gold. Instead of killing Sunny, they use him as the point man for their expedition. They find crates filled with capsules and force Sunny to open them. Inside the first are numerous plates of gold. They then try to kill Sunny, and continue opening the rest of the capsules, which end up containing experimental gas which transforms them into superhuman monsters.



The film was released in Hong Kong on 12 August 2010.[7]


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