Claes Isaacsz. van Swanenburg

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Claes Isaacsz. van Swanenburg[1] (1572 in Leiden – 1652 in Leiden), was a Dutch Golden Age painter.


According to Houbraken he was the second son of Isaac van Swanenburg who worked in Leiden.[2] His works were popular.[2]

According to the RKD he was the brother of Jacob and Willem Isaacsz. Swanenburg.[3] In 1607 he got married and in 1608 he became a member of the Hague Guild of St. Luke.[3] Though a member of the Hague guild, he continued to be active in Leiden and painted an over-the-mantel piece for the Leiden vierschaar in 1613.[3] In 1648 he became a member of the Leiden Guild of St. Luke that was founded the same year.[3]


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