Claire Annabel Caroline Grant Duff

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Mrs. Huth Jackson (nee Annabel Grant Duff), John Singer Sargent, 1907

Claire Annabel Caroline Grant Duff (25 December 1870 – 12 January 1944), was a poet, writer and high society hostess. She published her memoir A Victorian Childhood in 1932 with Methuen Publishing.

She was the eldest daughter of Sir Mountstuart Grant Duff and Anna Julia Webster. She was the author of A Victorian Childhood, which was published in 1932, under the pen name Annabel Jackson.

In 1894, she married in Frederick Huth Jackson, a partner in the private bank, Frederick Huth and Sons. They had one son, Frederick who married Helen Vinogradoff, daughter of the distinguished historian Sir Paul Vinogradoff, and three daughters, Konradin, later Lady Arthur Hobhouse, Anne, later Anne Fremantle, and Claire, later Countess de Loriol Chandieu.


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