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The job of Class Secretary is a position in school student councils, usually associated with writing down the minutes of council meetings.


The class secretary is responsible for collecting attendance and recording notes and giving them to those who missed the previous meeting. The position is lower than Class President. The class secretary is known for the assisting of the class leader in recording and keeping specific information on the various class members, and they also include the information that relates to the weekly class attendance and enrollment forms.[1] The position of class secretary is known to require a sincere interest in classmates and the activities being completed. Class secretaries are supposed to pay close attention to the details and are required to have strong communications skills.[2] Most educational institutions that hold a class secretary position also have a handbook that lays out the responsibilities and what is expected of the person who has either been elected or volunteered as class secretary.[3][4][5] The class secretary is usually known to be around to make sure that all duties and meetings run smoothly.[6]


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