Clemence of Austria

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Clemence of Austria
Clementia of Habsburg.jpg
Clementia of Habsburg by Anton Boys
Tenure 1290–1295
Born 1262
Vienna, Austria
Died February, 1293 or 1295 (aged 30–33)
Burial Naples Cathedral
Spouse Charles Martel of Anjou
Issue Charles I of Hungary
Beatrice, Dauphine of Viennois
Clemence, Queen of France
House House of Habsburg (by birth)
House of Anjou (by marriage)
Father Rudolph I of Germany
Mother Gertrude of Hohenburg

Clemence of Austria (1262 – February 1293, or 1295) was a daughter of King Rudolph I of Germany and Gertrude of Hohenberg. She was a member of the House of Habsburg.


On 8 January 1281, Clemence married Charles Martel of Anjou.[1]

Clemence and Charles Martel had three children:

It is believed that Clemence died in 1293, in relation to the birth of her youngest daughter and namesake, Clemence. Others[2][3] argue that she died in 1295, months after Charles Martel. She is buried in Naples.

Queen of Hungary?[edit]

Charles Martel was set up by Pope Nicholas IV and the ecclesiastical party as the titular King of Hungary (1290–1295) as successor of his maternal uncle, the childless Ladislaus IV of Hungary against whom the Pope had already earlier declared a crusade.

He never managed to govern the Kingdom of Hungary, where an agnate of the Árpád dynasty, his cousin Andrew III of Hungary actually ruled that period. Charles Martel was, however, successful in asserting his claims in parts of Croatia, a kingdom then in personal union with Hungary.

Charles Martel died young in Naples, during the lifetime of his parents. Charles Martel and Clemence's son, Charles would ultimately succeed where he had failed in winning the throne of Hungary.[4]


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