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The Clinical Sleep Educator (CSE) certificate was established by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) in 2012. The role of the CSE, as described in the BRPT website, is to communicate "with patients, families, and the community to educate individuals on sleep disorders, good sleep hygiene, ways to optimize treatment, methods to improve and monitor compliance with prescribed treatment, and in general assists patients in eliminating barriers to care in order to maximize their quality of life." This program is not to be confused with another program to be launched by the BRPT in 2014, the Clinical Sleep Health Examination.[1]

To be eligible to become a CSE, the BRPT says, "Licensed and/or certified healthcare professionals are eligible to earn the [CSE] . . . , including nurses, sleep technologists, respiratory care practitioners, psychologists, social workers, physicians, physician assistants and health educators." The two steps to becoming a CSE are for the candidate to take live CSE training class and then pass a test after completing the class.[2][3]


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