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Clyde Frog Show was a television program for children in the 1970s. It was produced by the Mississippi Authority for Educational Television (MAETV). In the show, puppets, most notably the title character, taught children about self-esteem, feelings, and attitudes. The program's entire run consisted of ten episodes. Clyde Frog, however, originally appeared in another MAETV program entitled About Safety, in which puppets were used to convey messages about safety and first aid. About Safety ran for 47 episodes. The shows were quite successful, and MAETV syndicated the programs; thus, they were seen throughout the United States.[1]

Cultural references[edit]

The character Clyde Frog has been featured in several episodes of South Park as a favorite stuffed toy of Eric Cartman, serving as way to help Cartman get ideas on his own. Future appearances of Clyde Frog in the show are unlikely, however, as the stuffed toy was "killed" in Episode 1512, "1%".[2]