Clyde Frog Show

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Clyde Frog Show
Starring Clyde Frog
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 28
Running time 3 to 6 minutes
Production company(s) Mississippi Authority for Educational Television (MAETV)
Original network PBS
Original release 1970s

Clyde Frog Show was a television program for children in the 1970s. It was produced by the Mississippi Authority for Educational Television (MAETV). In the show, puppets, most notably the title character, taught children about self-esteem, feelings, and attitudes. The program's entire run consisted of 28 episodes. Clyde Frog, however, originally appeared in another MAETV program entitled About Safety, in which puppets were used to convey messages about safety and first aid. About Safety ran for 47 episodes. The shows were quite successful, and MAETV syndicated the programs; thus, they were seen throughout the United States.[1]

Educational goals[edit]

The Mississippi Public Broadcasting School Resource Guide summarizes the goals of Clyde Frog Show: "This series is designed to help elementary children understand and better cope with their own feelings and attitudes. Each program contains a dramatization of typical events in the life of a child followed by a talk show segment. All of the puppet characters in the stories appear in the talk show to discuss their feelings."

By grade level, the specific goals are: Kindergarten: Explain healthy ways in which feelings may be expressed. Define individual responsibility and its relationship to one’s self, family and community. First grade: Identify factors that contribute to individuality. Identify the importance of expressing emotions in a healthy way. Define individual responsibility and its relationship to one’s self, family, and community. Second grade: Explain the importance of positive interpersonal relationships.


There are 28 episodes total, each 3 to 6 minutes long. The episodes, as grouped roughly by subject into 10 groups by MAETV, are:

1: Big and Little - What Am I Good At? - Boys/Girls Are Supposed To...

2: It Hurts to Be Left Out - What's So Funny? - Being Scared

3: Clyde Stays Up Late - Dr. Frog's Birthday Present - Sincere Camera

4: All by Myself - Keeping Up with Your Stuff - Cooperating

5: Look What I Can Do! - Can't Do It Yet - Worrying

6: Friends - Doing Things Right - Clyde's Dinner Party

7: Making Decisions - Doing What You Think Is Right - Why Am I Punished?

8: Suzy's Test - Max's Story - Mrs. Mulch's Story

9: When Your Friend Moves Away - End-of-the-Year Blues - Clyde's Favorite Toy

10: Putting It All Together

Cultural references[edit]

The character Clyde Frog has been featured in several episodes of South Park as a favorite stuffed toy of Eric Cartman, serving as way to help Cartman get ideas on his own. Future appearances of Clyde Frog in the show are unlikely, however, as the stuffed toy was "killed" in the episode "1%". He was considered by WatchMojo as the best character on the show.[2]