Colonial Cousins (album)

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Colonial Cousins
Colonial Cousins.jpg
Studio album by Colonial Cousins
Released October 1, 1996
Recorded 1996
Genre Indian pop
Length 51:31
Label Magnasound
Colonial Cousins chronology
Colonial Cousins
The Way We Do It

Colonial Cousins is the debut album of Indian band Colonial Cousins,[1] which is formed by Indian duo composed of singer Hariharan and singer-composer Lesle Lewis. It was released on October 1, 1996 under Magnasound Label.[2]


The album broke all records including hitting platinum sales in India. The duo also won the MTV Asia Viewer's Choice Award and then later on secured the US Billboard Viewer's Choice Award too.[3] The song "Krishna" won the award for Best Music Video at the 1997 Screen Videocon Awards.[4] The exceptional Indian and Western music fusion generated a new genre of music and won hearts of millions of music lovers worldwide.

Their debut album opened up the doors for Indian sounds to be used in western sounding songs. The style is essentially fusion, with a lot of songs opening with recognizable Hindustani or Carnatic ragas and then segueing into a more pop style. A further cachet to the album is that the musicians who worked on it range from Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, winner of a Grammy Award for his invention of the 14-stringed guitar, to sessions musicians who have worked with the likes of Madonna, Boy George, Annie Lennox and other big names in the Western world.

The album had two major hit singles Krishna and Sa Ni Dha Pa (Never Know the Reason) for both of which their music videos were repeatedly played on music channels.

Track listing[edit]

The official track listing.[2][5]

1."It's Gonna Be Alright"6:53
2."Indian Rain"6:33
3."Feel Alright"5:59
5."Let Me See The Love"4:23
6."Sa Ni Dha Pa"5:05
7."Forever Yours Forever Mine"5:59
8."Adrian's Angel"4:42
9."Teri Meri Aankhon Mein"6:02


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