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Paris Métro
Paris Métro station
Commerce - Quai décalé (2).JPG
Location 15th arrondissement of Paris
Coordinates 48°50′42″N 2°17′39″E / 48.845093°N 2.294215°E / 48.845093; 2.294215Coordinates: 48°50′42″N 2°17′39″E / 48.845093°N 2.294215°E / 48.845093; 2.294215
Owned by RATP
Operated by RATP
Other information
Fare zone 1
Opened 27 July 1937 (1937-07-27)
Preceding station   Paris Métro   Following station
toward Balard
Paris Métro Paris Métro Line 8
Commerce is located in Paris
Location within Paris

Commerce is a station on line 8 of the Paris Métro in the Rue du Commerce, at the intersection with the Place du Commerce in the 15th arrondissement.

The station was opened on 27 July 1937 as part of the extension of line 8 from La Motte-Picquet - Grenelle to Balard.

The rue du Commerce, as its name suggests, is a shopping street in the district of Grenelle. The whole span of the street, from Motte-Picquet to the Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste, is occupied by a mix of high-street shopping, amongst which about 20 national and international brands, and small, typically parisian food stores and cafés. After major real estate development in the 1990s and early 2000s, the street and surrounding neighborhood have managed to maintain much of their peripheral faubourg or small-town feel while prospering as one of the two or three major centers for population attraction in the 15th arrondissement.

The center section of the place du Commerce is occupied by a small urban park.

The street is very narrow; when the station was built underneath it, the platforms had to be built offset from each other because of the limited space (as for the Métro station Liège).

Commerce station has two accesses, one on each side of the Place du Commerce. Both accesses are entrance/exit types and both lead to a central underground hall with ticket vending machines and information. The southern access is equipped with a street-bound mechanical elevator.

The Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste, at the southern extremity of the rue du Commerce was built in 1825, and massively renovated between 1924 and 1926.

There are two Vélib' bicycle stations near Commerce station, one on the rue Lakanal opposite the station and one on the rue Violet on the far side of the Place du Commerce.

Station layout[edit]

Street Level
B1 Mezzanine for platform connection
Line 8 platform level
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Westbound Metro-M.svg Paris m 8 jms.svg toward Balard (Félix Faure)
Eastbound Metro-M.svg Paris m 8 jms.svg toward Pointe du Lac (La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle)
Side platform, doors will open on the right
  • Note: The platforms are offset.


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