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Common stonechat is the name used for the Saxicola species Saxicola torquatus when this is treated in its broad sense.

It is, however, now more widely considered to be a superspecies consisting of several related but distinct species,[1] which are outwardly fairly similar but genetically distinct and replacing each other geographically without significant hybridisation:[2][3][4]

Three other species, not previously included within the broad view of common stonechat, have also been shown to be members of the superspecies:[2][5]

Species status possible,[2] but not yet verified:

  • Ethiopian stonechat Saxicola (torquatus) albofasciatus

Not all of the above are currently recognised as full species by all of the relevant taxonomical authorities, for example the British Ornithologists' Union,[6] currently include stejnegeri as a subspecies of Saxicola maurus.[7]


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