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Composition or Compositions may refer to:

Arts and literature[edit]

Computer science[edit]



Other uses[edit]

  • Chemical composition, the relative amounts of elements that constitute a substance, or the relative amount of substances that constitute a mixture
  • Composition doll, a doll made of a wood-based composite material
  • Composition (fine), in legal terminology, a fine accepted in exchange to not prosecute
  • Composition material
  • Composition (objects), in philosophy, the relationship between a whole and its parts
  • Composition ornament or "compo", moulded resin mixture used to form decorative mouldings, particularly for picture frames
  • Composition roller, cast from a hide glue and molasses used in brayers and inking rollers for letterpress and other relief printing
  • Fallacy of composition, an informal fallacy in which one assumes that a whole has a property solely because its various parts have that property
  • Food composition data, information on nutritionally important components of food

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