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Father Cornelius Brendan (Con) Keogh, OAM, (13 July 1921 - 24 November 2011) was an Australian Roman Catholic priest who founded the International Community Mental Health Movement GROW.

Keogh entered the Springwood seminary at 18 years of age, and went on to study in Rome, obtaining degrees in philosophy and theology, and was ordained. On his return to Australia he became Professor of Philosophy at Springwood.

Keogh suffered ill health in 1954 and was treated in hospital for mental illness. In 1957, whilst he was recovering from his episodes of unwellness, he began attending meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, because there was at that stage no other support group available. Along with others who were also recovering from mental illness, Keogh began to develop the programme material and the structured network of support groups which became the GROW organisation. In 1978, Keogh established the GROW programme in Illinois, United States.[1] In 2004, Keogh was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his work with GROW.[2]

Keogh had resided in Sydney, Australia and died on 24 November 2011 .


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