Conference of Bishops of Burkina Faso and of Niger

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The local assembly of bishops is the Episcopal Conference of Burkina Faso and of Niger (French: Episcopal Conférence du Burkina-Niger, CEBN). Its purposes are to coordinate and make dynamic pastoral activities of the Catholic Church in the nations of Burkina Faso and Niger for the good of the faithful (Article 1 of the Statutes), and encourage the sharing of resources and people for a common assumption evangelizing mission of the church in the two countries (Article 2).

To carry out these tasks, the Conference has adopted the following bodies: the Plenary Assembly, the Permanent Council of the Episcopal Council for Economic Affairs, the secretary general, and several smaller bodies such as commissions, secretariats and technical committees.

The CEBN is a member of the Regional Episcopal Conference of Francophone West Africa and Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM).

Presidents of the Bishops' Conference[edit]

1970-1976: Paul Zoungrana, Cardinal, Archbishop of Ouagadougou

1976-1982: Dieudonné Yougbaré, Archbishop of Koupéla

1982-1988: Anselme Titianma Sanon, Archbishop of Bobo-Dioulasso

1988-1995: Jean-Marie Untaani Compaoré, Bishop of Fada N'gourma

1995-2001: Jean-Baptiste Somé, Bishop of Diebougou

2001-2007: Philippe Ouedraogo, Bishop of Ouahigouya

From 2007: Séraphin François Rouamba, Archbishop of Koupéla


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