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Manx Financial Group PLC
Traded as LSEMFX
Industry Finance
Founded 1935 (1935)
Headquarters Isle of Man

Manx Financial Group PLC (MFG) is the holding company of a financial services group[1] which includes Conister Bank Limited, Transsend Holdings Limited and their respective subsidiaries. Manx Financial Group PLC is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange with a symbol of (LSE: MFX).[2][3]

Conister Bank[edit]

Conister Bank Limited (formerly Conister Trust Limited) is the Banking Division of the Manx Financial Group (MFG PLC) that was formed as part of a ‘Scheme of Arrangement’ in January 2008. Conister Bank Limited is an Isle of Man based company, established in 1935 and named after the Conister Rock. Conister Bank Limited is a licensed independent bank, regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission in the Isle of Man.[4]

Conister has traditionally operated in the Asset Finance area providing finance to companies and individuals on the Isle of Man; to military personnel through its operation in Peterborough and to small / medium enterprise clients through its operation in Wigan. To this day, Conister Bank specialises in providing finance for personal and business use. The bulk of this traditional business consists of financial products for private cars, business vehicles, domestic furniture and electrical equipment. Personal loans are a growing part of the Manx business and these can be obtained for events and projects such as holidays, weddings, home improvements etc.[citation needed] More recently, the banking division has diversified into the insurance premium finance market and treasury management for high net worth clients.[citation needed]


This division was established in 2007 to provide payment solutions to the business world. Operating across many sectors, TransSend works with vertical industries to supply business clients with prepaid card programmes.[5]


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