Song conquest of Northern Han

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Song conquest of Northern Han
Conquest of Song Dynasty.png
DateFebruary – 3 June 979[1]
Northern Han (present-day Shanxi)
Result Surrender of Northern Han, annexation of Northern Han by the Song Dynasty, end of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period
Song dynasty Northern Han dynasty
Liao dynasty
Commanders and leaders
Emperor Taizong of Song
Pan Mei
Cui Yanjin
Li Hanqiong
Cao Han
Liu Yu
Mi Xin
Tian Chongjin
Guo Jin
Northern Han:
Liu Jiyuan Surrendered
Fan Chao Surrendered
Guo Wanchao Surrendered
Yang Ye Surrendered
Yelü Sha
Yelü Xiezhen
Yelü Dilie 

The Conquest of Northern Han by Song (Chinese: 宋灭北汉之战) occurred in 979, when the forces of the Song Dynasty captured the Northern Han capital of Taiyuan in present-day Shanxi Province after a two-month siege. A relief attempt by the forces of the Liao Dynasty, which was allied to Northern Han, was easily defeated by the Song. Yelü Dilie, a cousin of Emperor Jingzong of Liao, was killed along Yelü Sha's son Yelü Deli (Chinese: 耶律德裏).

Notes and references[edit]

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