Cooper's Island, Bermuda

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Cooper's Island is part of the chain which makes up Bermuda. It is located in St. George's Parish, in the northeast of the territory.

The 77 acre (31 hectare) island is located in the northeast of Castle Harbor, and thanks to reclamation work is now joined to St. David's Island as a southeastern peninsula, although for most purposes it is still considered as though it were a separate island. Its most notable feature is the expanse of Annie's Bay, which stretches along much of the island's east coast.

The island has been used by many United States government agencies, having been the property of the US Army, US Air Force and US Navy (which relinquished the island in 1995), as well as previously being occupied by a NASA space tracking station. Until 1995, access was restricted, but it is now open to the public.

Most of Cooper's Island is owned by the Bermudian government and is preserved as the Cooper's Island Nature Reserve, which has been under active restoration since 2009. Swimming, walking, picnicing, bird watching and snorkelling are all permitted within the reserve.

Important Bird Area[edit]

With the adjacent Castle Islands Nature Reserve, Cooper's Island has been identified as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International principally because of its importance as a breeding site for seabirds.[1]


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Coordinates: 32°21′10″N 64°39′33″W / 32.3528°N 64.6592°W / 32.3528; -64.6592