Coptic Diocese of Faras

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Bishop Petros with Saint Peter the Apostle, wall painting from the Faras Cathedral (National Museum in Warsaw).
Bishop Marianos of Pakhoras supported by Madonna and Child, as depicted in the wall painting from the Faras Cathedral (National Museum in Warsaw).

The Coptic Diocese of Faras is a titular diocese of the Coptic Orthodox Church formerly located at Pakhoras in Nobadia (modern Faras, in Sudan).

Despite Faras's submersion following the building of the Aswan High Dam, the see is still claimed by the Coptic church's Titular Bishop of the Great and Ancient Metropolis of Nubia, who is styled Bishop of Faras of Nobatia. The current ordinary is Bishop Sarapamon (Serapis Amon).

Bishops of Pakhoras[edit]

Metropolitans of Pakhoras[edit]

  • Kyros, a Monophysite, died 902
  • Andreas, died 903 (not a metropolitan bishop?)
  • Kollutwos, a Monophysite, died 13 August 923
  • Stephanos, a Monophysite, died 14 July 926
  • Elias, a Monophysite, died 6 August 952
  • Aaron (Old Nubian: Aron), a Monophysite, died 12 December 972
  • Petros I, a Monophysite, died 20 July 999

Bishops of Pakhoras[edit]

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