Corneille of Burgundy

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Corneille of Burgundy, also called Corneille of Beveren (1420 - May 16, 1452) was an illegitimate son of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, and Catherine Schaers.

He was the first and favorite bastard son of Philip the Good and received the titles of Grand Bâtard de Bourgogne, Lord of Beveren and Vlissingen, and was also Governor and Captain-General of the Duchy of Luxembourg.

Although he never married, he had two children with Margareta Courbaulde, Lady of Elverdinge:

  • Jérôme, Bastard of Burgundy, (1450–1471)
  • Jean, Bastard of Burgundy, (1450–1479), killed in the Battle of Guinegate (1479), Lord of Elverdinge and Vlamertinge, married with Marie de Halewyn, and father of two daughters.

After his death in the Battle of Bazel near Rupelmonde, he was buried in the St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral in Brussels.
All his titles and possessions went to his younger half-brother Anthony, bastard of Burgundy.