Coronado cave

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Coronado cave (31°21′4″N 110°15′38″W / 31.35111°N 110.26056°W / 31.35111; -110.26056Coordinates: 31°21′4″N 110°15′38″W / 31.35111°N 110.26056°W / 31.35111; -110.26056) is located in Cochise County in southern Arizona near the Mexican border. Walking in the cave is rather easy and the temperature is consistent. Some visitors say the cave consists of many rooms while others claim it is quite small. Some rooms require you the crawl in order to enter. The cave has both stalactites and stalagmites.[1] The cave has been measured to be approximately 600 feet long, 70 feet wide and 20 feet tall with several passages and crawl ways.[2]


From the town of Sierra Vista you go south on SR 92 and then east on SR 93. You will see signs which direct you to the monument. Visitors must stop at the visitor center and obtain a free cave permit. From the parking lot you will travel west on a well marked trail. The trail continues for 0.75 miles until you reach the cave.[3]


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