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Cosma may refer to:


  • Adrian Cosma (1950–1996), former Romanian handball player
  • Gheorghe Cosma (1892–1969), Romanian Major-General during World War II
  • Joseph Kosma (1905–1969), a Hungarian-French composer
  • Maria Cosma, Romanian sprint canoer
  • Vladimir Cosma (born 1940), a Romanian composer and musician
  • Cosma Shiva Hagen (born 1981), German actress
  • Cosma Orsini (died 1481), Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal
  • Cosma Shalizi (born 1974), assistant professor in the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Nick Cosma Sr. 1896-1973 Beclean Romania,& Salem, Ohio, Adventurist. Mark Cosma 1958- Alliance Ohio, cyclists/skydiver/outdoorsmen.

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