Council for Industry and Higher Education

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Council for Industry
and Higher Education
CIHE logo
Established 1986
Members 52
Location London, UK
Chair Richard Greenhalgh
Chief Executive David Docherty
Acronym CIHE

The Council for Industry and Higher Education, known as CIHE, aims to be "a strategic leadership network of businesses and higher education executives promoting a system of higher learning that leads to greater market competitiveness and social well-being".[1]

The CIHE was founded in 1986, as a non-governmental organisation in the United Kingdom and since 1997, has been a company limited by guarantee[2] and a registered charity.[3]


In response to the Wilson Review CIHE has now been replaced by the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB).

The CIHE was a strategic leadership network of blue-chip companies working with vice chancellors and universities to develop the UK’s knowledge-based economy.

In 1986 the Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) was born from the inspired collaboration of James Prior, John Cassels and Pauline Perry. Pauline (at that time the Chief Inspector of Schools at the Department for Education) had heard about an American organisation that had managed to bring businesses and universities closer together. John (as Director General of the National Economic Development Office) was a staunch believer in the power of partnership while Jim Prior was a recent Cabinet member and the new chairman of GEC. He agreed to invite the heads of a range of businesses, universities and polytechnics to a couple of initial discussions to see if there was indeed a common cause that might be addressed through a partnership approach./>


The Council is funded by its member organisations and by external organisations. The funding sources include universities, other organisations and companies.[3][4][5] Each member organisation appoints one person to the Council, and seven of those people are currently Trustees.


As of February 2013, the Trustees of the Council are:[6]


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