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The cow corner is a region of the field with respect to the batsman in cricket.[1]

The location of cow corner depends on a batsman's handedness, but it is always a part of the field in the deep on the batsman's leg side, typically stretching from forward of deep midwicket to backward of long on. The diagram shows the location of cow corner for a right-handed batsman.

Cow corner is named because that is where 'cow shots' are intended to go. Cow shots are wild and risky shots which were considered to be mostly played by players with little knowledge of, or ability to apply, the more difficult techniques of the game. Such players were supposed to be particularly prominent in the type of cricket played in rural or agricultural areas, where players did not have exposure to more sophisticated methods of playing. Such shots are also called agricultural.

This region of the field has been somewhat more frequented in more recent forms of the game, including T20 matches, as batsmen have had to find ways to hit the ball to the boundary even for yorker-length deliveries.[2]

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