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Coyote Sisters are an American pop-rock female trio formed in 1980. Its members are Leah Kunkel, the younger sister of Cass Elliot, Marty Gwinn Townsend, and Renee Armand. In 1984, they released their self-titled debut LP on Morocco records, a subsidiary of Motown. Lead single "Straight from the Heart (Into Your Life)" hit No. 66 on the US Billboard charts and was a hit on the Adult Contemporary radio stations. Subsequent singles and the album failed to chart.[1]

In 2001, the group made an unexpected return to the music industry, this time as a duo without Armand, and released the album Women and Other Visions on Wannadate records.[1] Although Armand was not part of the group, she co-wrote one song on the album.


  • The Coyote Sisters (1984)
  • Women and Other Visions (2001)
  • "Straight From The Heart (Into Your Life)" #16 US A/C #66 US
  • "I've Got a Radio" #39 US A/C


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