K1 (building)

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Krakow-Cracovia Business Center.jpg
Cracovia Business Center
General information
Location Kraków, Poland

K1 (before Cracovia Business Center) also Błękitek is a commercial building in Kraków (city in Poland) at Pokój Street 1 and Grzegórzeckie Roundabout. It is a 20 story building housing offices for Bank Pekao, amongst others. It is 105m high, what makes it tallest building in Kraków.

Construction of the Tower began in 1972 according to Janusz Ingarden's project.

Coordinates: 50°03′26.30″N 19°57′39.20″E / 50.0573056°N 19.9608889°E / 50.0573056; 19.9608889